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After running Norton scan report said sxstrace.exe file is corrupted, to fix going for download of a new version lead to other issues. You cannot work properly on your machine. You have tried hard to get the problem but failed each time to repair the issue. You ask how to troubleshoot this problem.

Read ahead to know about different issues related to file sxstrace.exe on PC and also to find out a way that can help to get fix such problems with ease rather taking the risk of going for free download option.

On your Acer Aspire 5735 laptop that has Windows 7 Ultimate version 6.1 installed, each time you are trying to start any programs, the programs failed to launch showing side to side configuration error message pop-ups in a small dialog box. To get the problem fixed you checked online for a suitable suggestion. Then on applying few suggestions, the system freezes. So, often you want to know how to fix such problem on your PC. To get this problem fixed get an advanced sxstrace .exe file fixer installed from a reliable website.

While trying to run a program on your Windows 8 machine, you are coming across compatibility issues followed by the side-by-side configuration is incorrect error message. You have tried to fix the problem by running troubleshooter and sfc scan. But both failed to detect the problem. Then he said that he gave a call to a tech person but still after the problem was not fixed. In order to fix this problem simply download and install sxstrace .exe fixing software from a reliable website.

when you are trying to open Flight Simulator X application on Windows 7 Professional 32 bits system, the application has failed to start because its side- by- side configuration is incorrect. You cannot get the problem fixed by running troubleshooter. You ask please help.

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Dec 28, 2016