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All Windows operating systems need sxstrace.exe file to trace all event log files to parse and save the file in human readable style. But this file also has a tendency to get harmed by some Trojan or malware attack. When such issue occurs in the system, then this file gives numerous problems in it, which prevent the users from opening any program or application. Today our main focus will be on the sxstrace.exe file errors in all Windows OS.

You may get the application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect error message in your system. You will be receiving this problem, while trying to open any application. It will say to check the event log file, but it will be impossible for you to open the application event log file. This is not possible for anyone to open application with this error problem.

Windows 7 user Farida Khan is getting error message, saying- the application has failed to start because the side by side configuration is incorrect in her Visual Studio Express for Web 2012. She has installed VS Express for web, but she is getting the message, while trying to open the application. Running the sxstrace.exe file is not helping her at all. She needs some well planned software system to repair the damage.

According to a Windows 8 user, his side-by-side configuration is incorrect. He is trying to run HGTV Ultimate Home Design V3 in his system. But he is being unable to do so. He is constantly getting side-by-side error message along with the compatibility issues in his PC. He is still finding a solution to fix all problems, so that he can run the HGTV.

There will be several problems in your Windows systems from sxstrace.exe file, but it does not mean to work with that damage. You can simply apply sxstrace.exe file fixer to repair the damage. You can purchase this tool from VSKSoft.

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Dec 29, 2016