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The operating system Windows XP is one of the oldest operating systems to be used by the users in the world. The classic features of the same have been used by the users who love to use the old style in their computers. There can be many issues in the system if the programming files get corrupted in the system and that hampers the normal functionalities of the operating system as well. The problems with sxstrace in Windows XP can be detected through the issues which pop up on the system with the file and thus the solution for the same with sxstrace fix tool can be installed as well.

Some of the prominent issues with the sxstrace in Windows XP are jotted down here, for getting the solution without any hassle.

The operating system Windows Vista is upgraded with Windows 7 and after the installation of the same the error message has started coming up on the system screen stating the application has failed to start because its syde-by-sydeconfiguration is incorrect. The application windows live essentials 2011 is installed in the system but failed to work properly.

The error message WINDOWS 7 error in the application has failed to start because the side by side configuration is incorrect please see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail is popping up on the system screen with the opening of any application in the computer. The installations have also got stuck with the same error.

The application of realplayer has been upgraded in the system with real player 14 and after the installation of the same in the computer, the error message with the Event ID 33 source side by side configuration error has started popping up on the system screen with the activation processes.

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Dec 29, 2016