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Problems with the web browser in any of the Microsoft Windows operating system are seen and the browser calls register related issues are also found. When the normal troubleshooting options are not at all useful in solving the browser calls register related problems, some specific tools like the browser.dll can be the best way to eliminate the problems.

There are many cases, where some web pages work better in a particular web browser. The system that is running on the machine is the Windows 8 version and the Surface Pro has three browsers like the Internet Explorer, the Google Chrome and the Mozilla. The Internet Explorer in the Windows is good in performance, but the Mozilla and the Google Chrome are not so smooth in the system. The problem with the browsers and Surface Pro is not solved, as it is not known which web browser other than the IE will work better.

The problem found is with the Windows 10 OS that is recently been updated. After the update, the system showed the Edge browser for one day and then disappeared. Reinstalling the Windows 10 for several times did not solve the issue. On opening the Edge browser, a half page blue screen is seen and that remains for about 3 seconds. It seems that there is some problem with the Microsoft Edge browser. How to solve the issue is not known and the problem remains as an annoying issue.

The Surface Pro with Windows 8 version of operating system is showing some browser issues. The problem is that not all the browsers like the Google Chrome or the Internet Explorer or the others are all in all. So, have to rely on two or more browsers. The query is which one is the best browser for the Surface Pro with Windows 8 that will serve all the purposes for a web browser.

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Dec 30, 2016