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Dllhost .exe high CPU or memory can make the PC slow or can also cause other types of issues. The computers that are running on the Windows operating system versions can receive the error at any poi8nt when a system file is damaged or corrupted. Such a file should be repaired as soon as possible and software can help best on it. Install the dllhost.exe fixer for removing the errors and including the issues that are mentioned below it will also fix the dllhost exe high CPU or memory.

COM Surrogate error has started to appear in a computer that was running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits operating system. Most of the applications did not respond all the time rather displayed an error message, 'In order to restore enough memory for programs to run normally close or restart them'. The computer has started to show problems as the exe file used complete RAM that is 3 GB.

The memory could not be read on dllhost.exe the error has started to take place. The computer was installed with Windows 7 operating system and the error message was 'The instruction at 0x76e24775 referenced memory at 0x5647995c. The memory could not be read.' The error stopped to open Internet Explorer and PDF reader. The PC has started to show the problem even to turn on some apps or to connect USB memory.

Dllhost.exe was consuming 100% physical memory in the Dell Inspiron laptop that was running on Windows 7 64 bits operating system. To launch any application in the system an error messages used to pop-up on the screen 'your computer is low on memory. Please restart your computer for memory recovery.' All start to run normal if the processes are killed from the Task Manager but returned on reboot.

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Feb 21, 2017