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Internet browsers can be opened in full screen or minimized modes. It can be controlled manually. Sometimes, it is seen that the browser tab size in Windows is stuck. Trying to change the size makes the browser crash. This can happen if the browser module is corrupted and failing to load properly. To fix the issue a browser.dll repair tool needs to be used. The tool will remove the damaged module from the Windows registry safely. Then it will download a new version of the file. It will also help in installing the file in its default location. Taking a look at some of the issues will give a better idea about this.

Many laptops have been updated from Windows 7 64 bits to Windows 10. But not everyone is happy with Win 10 performance. They then revert back to Win 7. However, on doing that they start getting browser file related issues. They see that Internet Explorer 11 browser has stopped working. Furthermore, it is seen that a new version of the IE 11 can't be downloaded and installed either. The error states that an older version already exists. This can be solved by removing the damaged browser module from the registry. It will then be easy to download and install the right files.

Sometimes the Microsoft Windows Edge browser can get attacked by malware. The MS Edge browser gets hijacked. It is seen that on opening the browser, an error tab keeps popping up. It states that the browser is infected by virus. This can happen if the browser module has been infected by a hijack virus. It might be seen that the Windows browser dll size is different too. This indicates an infected file. A browser malware removal tool can remove the threat and the file. Then a new browser file can be installed. Microsoft Edge will have no issues opening on Win 10 after that.

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Jan 11, 2017