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The Microsoft Corporation has created several Windows operating systems for years and the Windows 10 is the latest one. The Windows 3.1 is one of the very primitive versions of the Windows system and was first launched in the year 1992. The browser issues with the Windows 3.1 OS can be found and the problem may be very much annoying. To solve the issue browser in Windows 3.1 system issue, the browser.dll error fixing tool can be used that is found online and is very much effective.

The client is trying to open a doc in browser and whenever he tries to do that he gets the error message that says the Word Web App is unable to open document as the Office Web Apps feature is not activated on the site collection. Opening the file in MS Word may help to solve the issue. The document has been created in SkyDrive and he cannot edit in the browser. The same features and the same tasks worked just fine some days ago and recently it is unable to perform the same task.

The HP is the laptop that is used and a search in the Cortana result in an internet search that opens up in a new tab in the MS Edge browser. On closing the Edge, a pop up closes all the browser tabs and then reopens. How to reset Edge or IE browser in Windows 10 is not known and no methods are found to solve the issue.

On selecting the option Insert Hyperlink in the MS Word 2010 and then select the Browse the Web option for selecting any address, the Google Chrome pops up where the Internet Explorer 10 should pop up. The problem with Insert Hyperlink and the default browser cannot be solved by any of the solutions used.

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Jan 11, 2017