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google chrome browser high memory usage

The Google Chrome browser is an enhanced web browsing tool that offers users high customisability and multi platform support too. Since this is a media rich browser, many users have seen this web application utilise a lot of the CPU, as with other popular browsers too.

Usually this system resource consumption increases when the content or media is being downloaded, streamed or if you have added new themes or are viewing a web page that has too many advertisements on it. However, sometimes it may just a faulty extension caused by a new update.

In this one high CPU usage when browsing anything online on a Windows 7 computer, had involved the Google Chrome, IE and the Mozilla Firefox applications. The CPU was at 100% only when this user was online using any of these browsers and his first action was to edit the start menu. This Google chrome browser high memory usage system activity would stop if the internet had been disconnected and the browsers exited.

Then he had moved on to using the Microsoft safety scanner which would provide a detailed report on all possible malware infections followed by a clean boot to separate all problematic programs and finally a system checkers to look for damaged files that could be repaired with a browser.dll file fixer.

A Wireless routed was added to this system and there weren't any other problems before this Google Chrome browser high memory usage one. This browser had been installed but it did not fix the Internet Explorer and Firefox, these were not solved after a full system restore and had checked all other factors like background services and processes.

This last one had been the reason why the all flash and media dependent websites or downloads had increased the CPU use. That is if they had been accessed by any of the browsers installed.

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Jan 18, 2017