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browser cleanup.exe application error

Browser cleanup.exe is an exe file, which is associated with a well known antivirus software system. When this file gets infected by some issues, then it starts to provide numerous problems in the machine. And as a result of which, there will be application error message from the browser cleanup.exe file. There are some software systems to prevent this kind of issue from damaging the entire system. Continue to follow our article to get well aware about this problem.

Jean-Roch Charlebois from Ontario told, that the system prevents defaultbrowser.htm from launching the IE. When he tries to open Internet Explorer, then he gets a popping up message box along with an error message. This problem often gets responsible for sudden crash in the Internet Explorer. He has tried to fix this issue by applying some registry settings, but they all have been a futile. Internet explorer keeps giving the message.

Java Plug-ins is incompatible with Internet Explorer 11. When we try to open a new tab in our web browser, then it gives us an error message, that we have some plug-ins that are incompatible. Clicking on the more information option makes the entire system getting crashed every time. It is now impossible for us to open a new tab in the web browser.

Charles Tustin from Kentucky asked, that what Groove GFS Browser Helper does in IE 8. He keeps getting some error message from the groove GFS, while opening the Internet Explorer. But he is unable to understand what that is all about. He is getting the message every time of opening the IE. Sometimes for this issue, IE starts to get crashed very frequently. This is all happening for the damaged dll file.

When you will get application error in your browser cleanup.exe file, then you should apply browser.dll file fixer of VSKSoft to resolve all issues.

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Jan 3, 2017