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Microsoft Internet Explorer is the default browser in most Windows running computers. But it is not very popular amongst users. Users then try and download browsers like Google Chrome. But sometimes the downloaded browser fails to be installed. This can happen if the browser module in Windows is corrupted. There are some other issues as well which a corrupted browser file can cause.

Marsha Stinson from South Granville, NSW states that she has installed Windows 10 on her PC. She was using Windows 7 before that. Since the upgrade Microsoft Edge has become the default browser. But she is getting a couple of issues with Microsoft Edge. First she can't download anything using the browser. Secondly, on trying to run online videos Microsoft Edge keeps freezing. She also can't download and install Google Chrome browser dll file. Browser file location corruption is responsible for this. A browser.dll repair tool can help with that.

Sally Morgan from Bradford, Ohio mentions that she cannot open any Microsoft Office online documents from any browser. She can access OneDrive and see all the files. She can also create and edit MS Office Excel or MS Office PowerPoint files. But she can't open the files through her browsers. This shows that there is a corrupted browser module in the registry. It has to be replaced. A browser.dll fixer is the ideal tool for that.

Katie Heiby from Bucyrus, Ohio says that Windows 10 is the OS on her laptop. Microsoft Edge has been attacked by a 'software update' virus. It has corrupted the browser module. This is causing MS Edge to crash. She wants to know how to remove from Microsoft Edge. It also starts giving messages about the browser being outdated. She can remove the adware and the file using a browser malware removal tool. Then she will be able to install a new copy of the browser file.

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Jan 4, 2017