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Classpnp.sys Starting Windows Error

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Classpnp.sys Error

DAVID ACKLEY asked on March 13, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Classpnp.sys Starting Windows Error

» I have been using Windows 7 RC for about 2 months with no problems. Now when I start it up it hangs at the "Starting Windows" screen. I tried safe mode and booting from the DVD and the same thing happens. It gets stuck at classpnp.sys.

Best Answer

» If you try running Windows 7 in Safe Mode, it fails at Classpnp.sys. What we figured out was that this issue could be related to a couple of things. The first thing to try is the startup repair or system restore using the DVD. You can read online how to boot from DVD and get to these options. There are a ton of guides out there, so I won’t repeat that info. Just make sure to go into the BIOS and set Boot from CD/DVD as the 1st priority above Hard Disk.

If that doesn’t work, try restarting Windows in Debugging Mode. You can restart the computer and press F8 to get a list of boot options, which includes Safe Mode, Last Known Good Configuration, etc. Sometimes Windows will load in debugging mode and then you can restart the computer and it will start up in normal mode fine.

Some people have gotten stuck at the classpnp.sys part after performing a Windows update, which means it could be related to software. In this case, you can try Last Known Good Configuration or try booting into Safe Mode and then uninstalling any Windows update by going to Control Panel – Programs dialog. If you can get into Safe Mode, you can also try running chkdsk, sfc /scannow, or trying a system restore.

Blue screen of death can be related to incompatibility of driver’s version or virus/Trojan(Trojan:Win32/Dembr.B) infection. Just update the driver or remove the virus. And then give a shot to DLL Suite and fix the associated dll file errors in your PC.

SCOTT BROWN replied on March 19, 2013

All Answers:

  1. CONNIE BANNISTER replied on March 13, 2013: » The issue I see is that a lot of the computers that are reporting this issue are not able to actually boot through to a system repair on the disc. This seems like an amazing failing by the Windows 7 system. As far as I can tell computers that experience this issue are unrepairable. No one seems to have a fix to this problem that actually works.

  2. ANJAN DAS replied on March 14, 2013: » I've same problem with my 7 home pre. My GPU broke down and I got a new one. After that my 7 hangs "starting windows".

    I cannot boot up from 7 pre DVD. Nothing happens it starts loading files and then blank screen. So I cannot do system restore.

    Safe mode works and I've tried to fix this problem for three days now.BIOS update no help.

    Safe mode works and I've tried to fix this problem for three days now.BIOS update no help.

    If someone has ideas how to fix this would really appreciate it.

    My problem is solved. One of my memoryslots is broken, so issue was hw related in my case. Win 7 is up and running again.

  3. RICHARD RAPPA replied on March 15, 2013: » I noticed earlier that there was an issue with memory > available memory.

    So i took out both memory banks, and via F2 went into BIOS to disable all Onboard Devices (NIC, External USB, Media CArd & 1394, SATA Operation, Module Bay Device and Flash Cache module).

    Rebooted and by all I believe in I got into system repair (I did not see anything else than black screens the last 3 days!!).

    After 2 runs of repair I got into login screen and was able to login again.

    Rebooted to test etc and turn on again the bios settings, still rebooting is OK.

    Seems to be solved!

    So in core: I removed two memory banks and replaced them within 5 minutes, I disabled On board devies, Rebooted and Bingo! Now I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  4. KHALID AIFAN replied on March 17, 2013: » Disabled peripherals in BIOS or manually removed RAM and other devices, reset the CMOS battery, etc...

    Eventually what worked:

    I switched my hard drive config from RAID to IDE (in BIOS).

    Doing that allowed me to boot from the DVD. System restore and startup repair still didn't work, but the memory diagnostic check somehow ran and logged me into windows. From there I was able to do a system restore, but only to the most recent date. After the system restore, startup repair ran on its own and did something. Now I'm logged in, things are very wonky, but it's better than before. Going to make a backup now before it crashes again

  5. WILLIE TERRELL replied on March 18, 2013: » 1) Open bios (usually F2/del) and set your pc to boot from cd/dvd drive as no.1 priority.

    2) Put in your windows 7 disc. Boot the system up, press any key when prompted to load the disc.

    You'll get the obligatory white bar at the bottom of the screen saying 'Loading'. After that you'll get the all too familiar windows loading screen.

    3) Set the Language, timezone & keyboard/input method on that first screen.

    4) Click repair your computer

    5) You will now have the system recovery options window in front of you. Select the OS you wish to repair. Click startup repair & let it do its' thing. Create a restore point when prompted, it's always a good idea.

    6) A new window will open, again click startup repair. This time it'll be over in a blink and tell you startup repair couldn't detect a problem.

    7) Click finish and then restart. Now would be a good time to bash F2/Del and change bios to boot from HD instead of cd/dvd as priority.

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