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Msmpeg2vdec.dll Causing Explorer.exe Error

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Explorer.exe Error

JANET MCDOUGALL asked on March 20, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Msmpeg2vdec.dll Causing Explorer.exe Error

» Using process explorer and RamMap I see that msmpeg2vdec.dll on my system is causing explorer.exe to use all my RAM and disk I/O. I know it's the msmpeg2vdec.dll!ThreadedDecode thread since if I suspend just that thread within explorer.exe it stops the disk I/O and freezes at whatever current RAM usage it's at. And If I kill the thread all my RAM is freed. Only when trying to view the folder within explorer itself does this issue occur.

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» CPU power determines how fast the system functions and runs processes and programmes at the same time, without slowing down the system. Explorer.exe is an executable file in Windows which contains start menu, desktop, task bar and file manager and is essential for the good functioning of the Windows XP operating system. The idle CPU usage for the Windows XP operating system is between 0 and 1 percent.

It's normal to have spikes in high CPU usage. However, if there is a constant trend of high CPU usage, this can indicate a problem. Windows Task Manger is a great tool to track CPU usage. In the Windows Task Manager, click the Performance tab. This will display your CPU Usage History. This is the top of the iceberg, the critical problem is underneath. It is probably due to defects or viruses(Trojan:Win32/Alureon.GD).

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VIVEN DEREQUITO replied on March 26, 2013

All Answers:

  1. TIMOTHY OMALLEY replied on March 20, 2013: » March 20, 2013 It looks like the Explorer tries to generate the thumbnail preview of the videos. You can try to disable the generation of the thumbnails in the Explorer options. Now the explorer only displays the icon.

  2. ROBIN SING replied on March 21, 2013: » you can also try unregistering the Microsoft Mpeg2 video decoder dll file and re-register it back.

    Steps to unregister msmpeg2vdec.dll and re-register it back:

    a. Click on Start; in the start search type cmd
    b. Right click on cmd.exe and choose run as administrator
    c. Type the following command and press enter

    Regsvr32 /u msmpeg2vdec.dll
    Regsvr32 msmpeg2vdec.dll
    d. Close the command prompt and restart the computer.

  3. DEBRA ADKINS replied on March 23, 2013: » Hi, i have same problem, i rename "msmpeg2vdec.dll" with "_msmpeg2vdec.dll", reboot, all seems fine, good luck

  4. ORVAL STRONG replied on March 23, 2013: » In order to speed up the search process, the Search indexing service scans through the files and folders on the Windows system and records information about them in an index file. But it also consumes some resources of the system, so for the users with a slow computer it is beneficial to turn off search indexing.

  5. EVERETT BROWN replied on March 24, 2013: » The problem stems from a memory leak in explorer.exe when it attempts to show file image previews (thumbnails) of Word 2007 files. I solved the problem by preventing explorer.exe from showing these file image previews. To do so, I edited the Windows registry. Be careful when editing the registry - if you make a mistake it could cripple your computer. Always back up your registry first.