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Ntkrnlpa.exe Causing My Laptop Crash

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Ntkrnlpa.exe Crash

DEAN CARPENTER asked on January 24, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Ntkrnlpa.exe Causing My Laptop Crash

» I recently happen to find system in my laptop crash. It happens once after a few days use. After scanning with BlueScreeView, it found ntkrnlpa.exe caused my laptop crash. I have tried to fix the registry using Ccleaner and also Comodo system cleaner, but it doesn't solve the issue.

Best Answer

» The blue screen of death occurs when windows encounters a strange situation it does not know how to handle, such as a hardware problem or software clash. There are as many specific causes as there are stars in the sky.

From my experience, the vast majority (95%or more) of blue screens are software related, caused by an ill-behaved application or a disagreement between applications. It follows that the more applications you have running at the same time as on your computer, the more often you will see the blue BSOD. I get a blue screen of death on my computer about once a week, I am not happy about the situation, but neither am I surprised or nervous. Since you cannot plan for a blue screen of death, my advice is to save your work early and often. In most cases, when you get the BSOD, you have lost whatever you were working on, and you will have to reboot your computer. If you are fortunate enough to get back to where you were without rebooting, your system is now unstable, and the smart thing to do at this point is to save your work and re start your computer to clear out whatever condition caused the BSOD.

If the BSOD occurs so often that it seems like your standard user interface, you have a very serious problem. You will need to determine whether a specific set of circumstances or a specific change to your system caused the rhythmic problems.

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M BAMBANG replied on January 30, 2013

All Answers:

  1. LINDA BORCHERDT replied on January 24, 2013: » If everything worked previously I would suspect one of the Windows updates which updated kernel files such as the ntkrnlpa.exe, such as KB979683, may have contributed to the problem.

    Rather that uninstalling any of these updates I would suggest to update all the drivers that you can, particularly the storage controller drivers (NVIDIA SATA drivers). The NVIDIA chipset drivers will update the SATA drivers and NIC driver. If installing the chipset drivers you are offered the choice to install the NVIDIA Network Access Manager software I would suggest not to install it as it can be problematic.

    Also, can you check the BIOS version: Start > type msinfo32 in the "Search programs and files" box and press "Enter" > System Summary

  2. DEAN CARPENTER replied on January 24, 2013: » I have installed the updated NVIDIA chipset drivers which I downloaded from ACER website.

    Currently my system is installed with BIOS V1.3333, date: 8/15/2008 and I have downloaded new BIOS version 3336 from ACER as well (yet to install). I am looking forward to your next reply regarding the new BIOS version

  3. LINDA BORCHERDT replied on January 25, 2013: » I would wait and see if updating the chipset drivers solves the BSODs before updating the BIOS because of the small risk of a failed BIOS update.

    If you experience any more BSODs can you make available the minidump file(s)? Also, does the system run well, other than the BSODs?

  4. DEAN CARPENTER replied on January 27, 2013: » The crash still occurs. A few hours after I had installed the chipset, it crashed again. Here is the link to the dump file:

    It seems the BSOD still occurs regularly like before. Today it happened when I watched movie using Windows Media Player 12. My system runs fine, except the BSOD issue.

  5. LIUBOV TABUNIDZE replied on January 29, 2013: » I can't seem to find a compatible update, based on the Hardware IDs, to the NVIDIA SATA driver but this driver may not be the issue.

    try the following: Open the Device Manager and expand "Storage controllers", right-click the NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller > Update Driver Software > Search automatically for updated driver software.

    Also, can you update Lockbox to the latest version (2.0.3)?

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