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Pci.sys Blue Screen Installing/Repairing Windows XP Pro

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Pci.sys BSOD

THOMAS COUSANS asked on March 11, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Pci.sys Blue Screen Installing/Repairing Windows XP Pro

» My computer was overrun with viruses, and they corrupted my system files to the point that I can boot up only in safe mode. I have tried to repair Windows XP Pro using the install CD, and I get a blue screen message with PCI.SYS on it. It was set to boot up onto the CD, and it was. Also, I already have Recovery Console installed, and the computer is a Windows XP SP2 with factory hardware. I did a CHKDSK on it and seems fine.

Best Answer

» Pci.sys error is an executable application error that is closely related to Pci.sys file. Pci.sys error can be caused by malware & spyware/viruses (VirTool:Win32/CeeInject.FE) infections, out-of-date or corrupt drivers, obsolete registry entries, horrible registry errors and incorrect version of Pci.sys file. Due to the complicated reasons behind this error, we need a professional fixer for help: DLL Suite.As we know, files with .sys extension also belong to dll files, its error is closely related to other dll files.

DLL Suite is able to fix any error caused by sys extension file, just because DLL Suite has built-in driver files, and it can replace the failure driver's file; it can also remove the virus/malware infection at the same time.

Click DLL Suite's Dashboard menu > Click Scan DLL Errors button > Click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan, and the blue screen of death or any other sys file related error will be repaired.

DEBORAH MARTIN replied on March 17, 2013

All Answers:

  1. ZEKE MOSKAUSKI replied on March 11, 2013: » In all probability the computer is too infected and damaged for the repair install to work. Back up your data and do a clean install/factory restore of Windows.

  2. THOMAS COUSANS replied on March 11, 2013: » When the boot CD is loading up, right before the repair/install/recovery choice menu, the BSOD happens. A clean install is rendered near impossible. >.< Still, the computer is fully bootable and usable in Safe Mode. If it's not the hardware, then maybe it's the CD?

  3. ZEKE MOSKAUSKI replied on March 12, 2013: » Quite possible. Failure to install an operating system is usually caused by (in order of probability):

    1. Installation media that is the wrong disc for your computer.

    2. You are attempting to install with other devices connected to the computer. Disconnect them before trying to do an installation.

    3. Faulty installation media. Check the installation CD/DVD for scratches, smudges. Test in another machine.

    4. Faulty hard drive. Test with a diagnostic utility downloaded from the drive mftr.'s website.

  4. ANGELICA STEINKER replied on March 13, 2013: » Your XP on the laptop is KOREAN. It's on a different language, that's why it bugged out in the first place.

    Then try a clean install with my second Windows XP (ENGLISH) and Pci.sys BSOD may go away.

  5. THOMAS COUSANS replied on March 15, 2013: » whoops. just a simple driver issue. I booted to the last known good config and got no error. I uninstalled the driver and got the correct driver for my laptop.

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