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ROSS ELLIOTT asked on January 20, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Unable To Download Exe Files

» I recently purchased a HP Pavilion Notebook with Vista 32-bit SP1. My problem is that I'm unable to download .exe files from the internet. In both Firefox and Internet Explorer the download box appears, I'm prompted to choose where the file should be saved and then nothing happens. I have tried resetting IE as well as disabling defender but still no avail.

Best Answer

» Go to Netgear, search for the software /driver for wg311t (a common enough wireless PCI card), and see if it doesn't send you to their FTP site and try to make you download an exe. From a major brand of network equipment, not a creepy w a r e z site! Maybe browser manufacturers are making a huge leap in assumptions here. I agree that it's risky, but I also think that corporations are sometimes slow and stupid when it comes to doing the safe thing. Just look what's happening to Sony. Or Netgear in my example. So, instead of unhelpfully telling people how bad it is to get their work done, how about telling them how to re-enable exe downloading when they know it is safe?

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BRENDA RAMSEY replied on January 24, 2013

All Answers:

  1. DONNA DECARLO replied on January 20, 2013: » Downloading .exe files has been disabled in most internet browsers for some time now as protection against mal-ware and viruses. Any download of a .exe file that isn't in a container(zipped or some form of compression) is likely to be something unkind for your computer.

  2. CARL SANDEFUR replied on January 21, 2013: » IE and other browsers will block exe's that are part of a webpage's design and will often block HTML based email attachments that are exe files. In this case it is far more likely that if you are using an Antivirus/Malware/Internet Security suite that it is blocking or quarantining the file you are attempting to download. If the file you are downloading is from a known and trusted source you can try disabling your antivirus software and attempting the download again. If that still doesn't get it through then we can try running IE in the no Add On mode and attempting the download. To launch IE with no Add Ons go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and clicking the icon for Internet Explorer No Add Ons. If that still doesn't let the file download we can try doing a clean boot of Vista to see if something is loading on Startup that is blocking the Download.

  3. ROSS ELLIOTT replied on January 21, 2013: » If someone else has the same problem and finds this thread i can let you know that for me the problem was in my router. After trying everything but reformatting my computer i decided to test updating the router firmware and Voila - all problems solved.

  4. PATSY MORRIS replied on January 22, 2013: » Duly noted, foot removal operation in progress; Though this being the relevant bit - " bits of the vista security model overflowing into.."

    same issue can happen XP or VISTA, just the engineers i was poking jest at would generally look for some overly complicated vista specific solution, and completely overlook the older style Internet security interface in IE - in my case it seems it happened from one of the last XP updates that IMO added some functionality from VISTA, (ie the exe behaviour going from optional warning window to unprompted block) in his case, a VISTA update probably turned it on also. Either way, same result, just a different UI version (ok "windows" version then, same $#!+ different front end - Vista to XP, is what ME was to 98 ;-)

  5. HAROLD RAYMOND replied on January 23, 2013: » I have to say that these were updates to Internet Explorer in general. you can avoid these updates by just using an older version of IE on XP. These security features were placed in because of malware makers praying on the users using social engineering to trick user into doing something they didn't intend. As for "Vista to XP, is what ME was to 98" I kinda disagree with. I enjoy Vista ultimate a lot and I would compare them like this. For me, Vista to XP, is what a 2009 Cadillac CTS is to 2000 Honda Accord.

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