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Way to Fix Van.dll Missing Error

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Van.dll not found

KEVIN SANGWELL asked on December 25, 2012. Status: Answered & Closed.

Way to Fix Van.dll Missing Error

» I think I may have deleted a necessary file for my wireless internet to work. Every time I try and search for a wireless network it comes up with this message Error loading C:\Windows\system32\van.dll C:\Windows\system32\van.dll is not a valid Win32 application. Is there any way I can get the file back?

Best Answer

» The VAN.dll is a View Available Networks, developed by Microsoft Corporation. It's a hidden system file and usually located in the %SYSTEM% folder. Its usual size is 638,976 bytes.The VAN feature is a pop-up window that allows a quick and easy method of viewing and connecting to a wireless LAN network. Microsoft has rapidly improved its support for wireless networking since the initial version of Windows XP in 2001. In that release, wireless access occurred through a very simple "Connect To" link in the Start Menu.

The start of today's wireless networking UIs (user interfaces) in Windows 7 really dates back to Service Pack 2 (SP2) for XP, where Microsoft added a nice Wireless Connection interface that presented the available wireless networks in a fairly attractive way.

Vista's contributions were revolutionary and, as is so often the case, occurred largely under the hood. Microsoft completely rewrote the networking stack and reworked a lot of the UIs. It introduced the now-familiar "Home, Work, Public" network location identification scheme and the notion of networking profiles. Vista's Connect to a network interface was similar to that of XP with SP2, but added right-click actions for getting more information and diagnosing problems.

And then we come to Windows 7. Thanks to the foundational rewrite in Vista, Microsoft didn't have to overhaul the networking stack again, so it took the opportunity to reexamine the user interfaces that users access to interact with the system's wireless networking capabilities. And the key interface it came up with is called View Available Networks (VAN).

VAN works for both traditional, Wi-Fi-style wireless networks as well as 3G/4G-based WWAN-type wireless networks. In fact, you can connect to multiple wireless networks if you have multiple adapters (like a Wi-Fi adapter and a 3G broadband adapter). Additionally, it provides a link to access the Network and Sharing Center, which debuted in Windows Vista. But that is another story.

The common causes of Windows DLL errors: 1) When a newly installed application replaces a DLL with an older version; 2) If a shared DLL is deleted when you uninstall an application; 3) Infected by malicious software—especially spyware.

To fix all these dll errors, DLL Suite is designed for you and has been acclaimed by its users across the world ever since it was launched (click its icon to have a clear look of its interface). To do it, click its Dashboard menu > click Scan DLL Errors button > click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan, any dll file related errors will be repaired automatically.

In case of a missing or not found dll file error, you can click Start Scan & Download DLL - Free button, choose the required dll file and click More Information, click Download button from the open web page.

Jame Lee replied on December 28, 2012

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