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What Is MRAPP.UI.exe

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MRAPP.UI.exe file

PAUL TOFFALETI asked on March 17, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

What Is MRAPP.UI.exe

» I run Windows 7 Professional & have a process MRAPP.UI.exe running and using a lot of memory. If I end the process it restarts. It appears to be a recent addition. Checking file properties appears to show it to be a Microsoft process. Is this a genuine process or malware? If it's genuine, what is it doing?

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» EXE files allow users to launch programs without needing additional software on the user's computer special software. The exe file is one of the most useful types of files precisely because it runs programs; however, it can be used as a delivery system for viruses or other malicious programs. Viruses often reside to .exe files, which are then re-named to resemble common software packages. They can be running in the background, infecting or compromising the computer. It is very important to scan an EXE file before opening it, and you should never open an EXE file if you don't know or trust its source.

Should your computer has been infected with exe virus(Backdoor:Win32/Zegost.B), the most common symptoms of .EXE file errors are slow PC speed, high CPU/Memory usage, system freezing and crashing. The safest and quickest approach, without reinstalling Windows, is to use a professional repair tool. It is for this purpose that DLL Suite is released. DLL Suite allows our users to get rid of the exe virus infection annoyance once for all, just because it has a special feature of Fix EXE Virus. This feature can do away with exe virus infection related problems mentioned above; you simply do as follows:

Download DLL Suite, install and run > Click Dashboard menu and > Click Scan DLL Errors button > Click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan. And all the problems directly associated with MRAPP.UI.exe file are fixed, because of the built-in feature of Fix EXE Virus in the Dashboard menu.

DLL Suite also has another menu MS Tools, which allows for free download of all useful Windows maintenance tools for your PC. You can download the Registry Editor to clean up the registry, thus to streamline your system and keep it under control.

In case that you need to download some important dll file for your device or games, you can Click Download DLL - Free menu, click Start Scan & Download DLL - Free button, choose the desired file and click More Information, click Download button from the open web page.

TONYA SWIM replied on March 23, 2013

All Answers:

  1. MARK MARSH replied on March 17, 2013: » I had a desktop app from e-rewards opinion panel called e-rewards notify. I was tired of the notifications. I uninstalled it and the mrapp program disappeared. Ironically, I installed this program on March 9, 2013 and just noticed the issues in task manager recently. I could not stop the process either.

  2. A HULME replied on March 18, 2013: » Go to the services app and you will see the two associated apps starting with MRAPP, there is serviceand one other. Sorry, cant remember.Stop the services for those two. They will start again when you reboot unless you change the setting from automatic to manual.

  3. MATTHEW PFORR replied on March 19, 2013: » I found this post after realizing my system was being sent to a proxy through a specific port (which I won't name). After checking netstat -b I found this port was connected through MRAPP.UI.exe. All my browsers were automatically sent through this port as well. It seems as though e-Rewards is tracking our internet usage. I could be wrong, but the evidence I see points me in that direction. So far, ending the MR APP services in msconfig has stopped the proxy from being set up automatically, but I'll have to keep an eye on it.

  4. ROBERT MOSLEY replied on March 21, 2013: » I have e-rewards notify too, and I just noticed MRAPP the other day when I started task manager to see why my computer was running so slowly. I really want to keep e-rewards notify, anyone know if it is possible to remove MRAPP by itself, and whether that would be safe to do?

  5. SALEH HARTHY replied on March 22, 2013: » I had the same problem with valued opinions notify. I just installed the e-rewards program and am going to uninstall it now.

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