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Windows 7 Pro USBPORT.SYS And ATAPORT.SYS 100% Cpu Utilization

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SARA HELGESON asked on March 21, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Windows 7 Pro USBPORT.SYS And ATAPORT.SYS 100% Cpu Utilization

» I install Windows 7 Pro onto my machine, and the install completes, Everything gets really slow and sluggish. I then check taskmgr, and I see that the CPU is at 100% utilization. I ran the performance monitor and found that ATAPORT.SYS and USBPORT.SYS are the main culprits eating up my CPU. Any ideas of workarounds/drivers etc to help solve this issue?

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» Usbport.sys is a Windows driver file that controls the operation of your computer's USB, Universal Serial Bus, ports. Windows XP comes with a version of usbport.sys that controls both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 devices. Occasionally, the usbport.sys file becomes corrupt and may cause your computer to crash or may use excess system resources. You can download and install a fresh version of usbport.sys to correct these problems.

Turn on your computer. If your computer crashes upon startup, restart the computer again and instruct your computer to boot into Safe Mode when prompted by the system. > Download an usbport.sys file to replace your corrupt version of the file (see Resources). > Open the folder into which you downloaded the usbport.sys file. Right-click on the usbport.sys file and select "Copy." > Open the folder "c:\windows\system32\drivers." Right-click on the folder and select "Paste." > Click "Yes" when prompted to overwrite the existing usbport.sys file. Your Windows system directory will have the updated usbport.sys USB port drivers.> Restart your computer. The updated usbport.sys device driver will be active.

In case of ciruses/Trojan(Exploit:Java/CVE-2011-3544), firstly run an antivirus scan, and then you can use DLL Suite to fix BSOD and the associated dll errors, and it can also be sued for free download of the corrupt dll files. It is an easy to operate and efficient repair for any blue screen of death caused by .sys files.

TIMOTHY CLOSE replied on March 27, 2013

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  1. SUSAN SCHIMKE replied on March 21, 2013: » I would suggest you to external disconnect all the devices connected to the computer and check if the USBPORT.SYS and ATAPORT.SYS are still consuming 100% CPU power. You may also check the status in Clean Boot mode.

    Sometimes, this might be caused by virus(Exploit:Java/CVE-2011-3544) as well, to make sure that your computer is free from the infections run a scan with Microsoft Security Essentials.

  2. STEVEN ECHOLS replied on March 22, 2013: » I wish I could disable the onboard USB, but regrettably, I can't. The BIOS doesn't allow me to. HP also told me that this chipset is no longer being supported, and ATI/AMD confirmed it. The best I can do is Vista. I would like to shut off the USB and use a card, but no go in the BIOS.

  3. NIKOS SARGIANOS replied on March 23, 2013: » There's a GPO that disables that driver. However there is a trojan codecthat creates an autorun.if file in all devices & drives from a to z. It runsapplications like c:\cb.exe. Info can be found here:

  4. GEORGIA CUTTING replied on March 24, 2013: » Step 1: check if the issue occurs in safe mode.

    Step 2: If the issue doesn't occur in safe mode then, you may perform a clean boot and check.How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7. After trouble shooting put the computer to start as usual by performing step 7 from the above Knowledge Base article.

  5. A GRIFFITHS replied on March 26, 2013: » I fixed my problem. I updated my BOIS & other Acer stuff which then Reset all my laptop settings in the Power Options without letting me know. Which slowed down the computer to save power. Spent days doing advanced tweaking.