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Windows 7 Ultimate RTM With Wmpnetwk.exe Problem

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Wmpnetwk.exe error

STEPHEN MORINHO asked on March 17, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Windows 7 Ultimate RTM With Wmpnetwk.exe Problem

» I am consistently using 90% of available memory. I have a quad core box with 4GB and I am running the x64 version. I think this is relating to media sharing with Zune or WMP. I need some help fixing this.

Best Answer

» So I asked a friend to get Windows 7 and the first complaint was that wmpnetwk.exe is taking too much system resources. In some cases the resource consumption goes up to 90%. According to Microsoft, this was a small bug in RTM release but should not happen in the official public release.

To all those who don’t know, wmpnetwk.exe is a process of Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. Hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc and head over to the Processes tab, you will find this network service taking between 5Mb-10Mb of memory. If wmpnetwk.exe is taking a lot of system resources, it probably means something is wrong. The best way to get rid of this problem is to disable this service once and for all. There are many people who need this service, so here is a quick fix; stop the service, change startup type to manual, restart the computer, and then change the startup type to automatic.

For any missing dll file caused by viruses/Trojan(VirTool:Win32/VBInject), after the antivirus scan, you can use DLL Suite for fix the infection and the associated dll error at first, and then use it to free download the missing dll.

BONELLI PIERO replied on March 23, 2013

All Answers:

  1. MIRANDA ORTIZ replied on March 17, 2013: » Why not use the memory you have to perform the task you choose to run? Why else have the stuff if you don't want to use it. You are probably simply straining your resources for that task. Put in a ReadyBoost flash drive if you need more Ram for that task.

  2. NANCY LOOMIS replied on March 18, 2013: » I can say that i have seen this myself. What i have done is this: Start>Run>services.msc

    Scroll down to the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. I have Stopped the Service, then disabled it. This has resolved my issue.

    My guess on it is this, once you add music or media to your Library, that is automatically shared with WMP in Win7. So that information is being processed and shared with the WMP Network. What exactly is shared or with whom i do not know. I just know that doing that has stopped the resource usage and i have no issues running WMP with it off.

  3. MONIQUE DIXON replied on March 19, 2013: » I started having this problem after watching some movies on my Hard Drive. I have not deleted the movies or other media from my PC, but the problem has stopped. I did the following:

    1. Click on START and in the Search Field type services.msc 2. Scroll down to Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and change the status to Stop (this will take a minute)3. Change the Startup Type to Manual and exit4. Restart your computer5. Type services.msc in the Search Field once again6. Scroll down to Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and change the STARTUP TYPE to AUTOMATIC

  4. GEORGE ELLISON replied on March 20, 2013: » The file in specific is wmpnetwork and is chewing up your ram due to a currupt file in you share folder library. You probably have a hacked exe file dowloaded or AVI that is mucking everything about.

    Take everything out of your shared network then place them back in individually while running task manager. Once wmpnet starts chewing up resources you'll have your culprit.

  5. GREGORY MAROTZ replied on March 22, 2013: » I just loaded up my TV Connection and Windows Media Player, so was keeing an eye on my CPU usage.

    I noticed my CPU usage was quite a bit higher than normal when it use to be quiet so I checked the Task Mgr and it was the wmpnetwk.exe program.

    I waited a while (a fair amount of time) and my CPU finally quieted back down to normal.

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