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Windows Keeps Creating Srvchost.exe Files

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Srvchost.exe error

CORY NELSON asked on March 18, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Windows Keeps Creating Srvchost.exe Files

» If I turn on my computer and leave in on, in approx 6 hours, I will get a warning window saying: Memory Low, shut down programs. This will occur whether I have started any applications or not. I have gotten to a point where I regularly keep an eye on the Task Manager, to keep an eye on memory usage, so I can reboot prior to the memory reaching 90+%, where the computer locks up and you must hard reboot. The problem is that without any applications open, Windows keeps creating Srvchost.exe files to the point that it wipes out all of the memory

Best Answer

» As we know, adware and trojan(Exploit:Java/CVE-2013-1493) can cause the pc crash by modifying or destroying the .exe files so that the pc won't execute normally. After the viruses are uninstalled, some associated dll files are also changed or destroyed, so your pc will still execute slow and also has many problems. That's why you must fix not only infected exe files, but also the other related dll files.

When being inflicted by the exe virus, CPU will be highly used and cause the slowdown of the operating system. here is a program for you to scan the computer for registry errors and fix related viruses. Download DLL Suite and run it, click its "DASHBOARD" menu and then click the Scan button, it will automatically analyze the error and remove .exe virus infection for you. It also allows you to free download any missing dll file including .exe files, and .sys files.

CARROLL BOSWELL replied on March 24, 2013

All Answers:

  1. THOMAS LOWRY replied on March 18, 2013: » Have you disabled Panda anti-virus? I have installed many Windows 7 systems, both x86 and x64 and have never seen a memory leak.

    Is this an upgrade from Vista? (since you said the memory leak occured in Vista as well). Installing a upgrade to a troublesome system is never a good idea.

  2. CORY NELSON replied on March 21, 2013: » I finally took the LapTop into a good computer repair shop and they found the culprit. It was an errant Dell wireless driver installed at the factory that was not compatible with Vista or Win7. As a result, the errant driver would eventually usurp all of the computer's memory within hours and ultimately lock it up. Removing this driver has fixed the problem 100% and the computer runs like it should now.

  3. VESA ELECTRON replied on March 22, 2013: » If the problem is with a Dell laptop upgraged from Vista to Windows 7 - chances are that a simple fix will be to completely uninstall the Dell WLAN Utility using the Programs facility in the control panel. The fact is that during the Windows 7 upgrade it identifies this program as incompatible, it says it will disable and uninstall it, but then doesn't.

    The good news is that as this software is not working correctly at the monent, it makes no difference to your WiFi connection after its removed, but it will prevent you leaking memory.

  4. JANE CASHIN replied on March 23, 2013: » My problem was the same. I looked at the task manager, downloaded process explorer, and all the time I couldn't see what was using my RAM. Yet I could sit watching the pagefile increase by one every 5-10 seconds until it was 12000 and the PC could do nothing even with no applications open it was full RAM.

    The solution for me was simple:

    1) Open Task Manager

    2) Goto the Process table

    3) From the menu bar select View > Select Collumns ...

    4) Add "Handles" ad then rank the handles column.

    Right at the top of the list I had the culprit .exe and I googled that and got a very simple fix. Finding out how to identify the culprit software was the hard part, which took hours of surfing. For me it was the audiodg.exe which was causing the problems, a piece of software that handles audio enchantments and it was a very simple fix in the audio settings.

  5. DONALD BURNETT replied on March 24, 2013: » I had the very same problem and was worried that my company's ERP system may cause the issue.

    I checked for process (from ALL USERS! Not just the user's own processes) and Heureka! The BCMWLTRY.exe from DW Dell WLAN card was with 37000 handles on top. Deinstalling the software immediately fixed my pagefile and since then the problem didn't occur anymore.

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