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Windows Search Getting SearchFilterHost.exe Error

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SearchFilterHost.exe fix

REX BLOCK asked on January 24, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Windows Search Getting SearchFilterHost.exe Error

» When using Windows XP (SP3) running Windows Search (4.0) I get the error message: SearchFilterHost.exe - Application Error- The instruction at 0x0af609c referenced memory at 0x00000014. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program- I am not doing anything in particular when this happens. It will always repeat every few minutes. I have also tried reinstalling it but to no avail.

Best Answer

» Searchfilterhost.exe is one of the common component for the Microsoft Windows operating system and has a very close relation with the Windows Desktop Search application, if unfortunately, it also will utilized by those malicious viruses as a platform to allow them get access to the infected computer system. So the searchfilterhost.exe should be fixed instantly in case of being troubled by the annoying error message or hazardous virus invasions.

Theoretically, searchfilterhost.exe should only be located in the C:\\Windows\\System32, but some malicious viruses(Virus:ALisp/Bursted.CP) will replace the file with a very similar name and hide in your computer system for extending their invasions for your PC.

In case that an exe file is infected with virus or malware, the safest and quickest approach, without being bothered to reinstall Windows, is to use a professional repair tool. It is for this purpose that DLL Suite is released. DLL Suite allows our users to get rid of the exe virus infection annoyance once for all, just because it has a special feature of Fix EXE Virus. This feature can do away with exe virus infection related problems mentioned above; you simply do as follows:

Click Dashboard menu and > Click Scan DLL Errors button > Click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan. And all the problems directly associated with Searchfilterhost.exe file are fixed, because of the built-in feature of Fix EXE Virus in the Dashboard menu.

RONALD KOTLER replied on January 30, 2013

All Answers:

  1. VINCENT ABATO replied on January 24, 2013: » Not only was I getting that message as a restricted user, when I logged on as Administrator, it would continually crash. I uninstalled Windows Search 4.0, and the messages are gone. But there are unintended consequences.

    Side effects I experienced on Windows XP:Office: I could no longer double-click on a Word doc in Outlook and have it open in Word. I got a message that the file cannot be opened and may be corrupted. This can be fixed by going to the Add/Remove control panel, selecting Microsoft Office 2010, clicking Update, and then choosing Repair.

    Desktop: The uninstall hid and scrambled the sequence of my Quick Launch icons and set them back to small. So I had to put those back the way they were. It also set the Windows taskbar back to one task button high instead of my preferred four buttons high.

    Outlook: Alarms were temporarily silent, but now seem to be back. And in open messages there's a non-modal warning that Windows Desktop search is not available.

  2. VINCENT ABATO replied on January 24, 2013: » This is the name of the executable for Windows Desktop Search. It is an add-on to Windows and not part of the OS. You can correct this by uninstalling Windows Desktop Search from add/remove programs.

  3. JOHN CULLIGAN replied on January 25, 2013: » I uninstalled it and stopped windows update from trying to install it. I have had no problems and had no issues with it not being available. Just another MS problem removed. Sometime in the next generation or so they will devise a way to stop sending out problems to fix other problems. This generation of programmers hasn't learned that trick yet and it seems they never will.

    Just like MS fix holes in their software (that they created purposely) they plug them up with a fix because the hackers find them. They then replace the hole with another. They never learn.

  4. DONNETTA MATHIS replied on January 26, 2013: » These errors appear when index database gets corrupted, e.g. during crash, etc. The solution is, save disabling and/or removing the search service, rebuild of the index. Just reinstalling will not solve the problem because that does not remove the corrupted index.

    On XP Pro:1) Start 'services.msc', find Windows Search and stop it.My personal tip: Check all user accounts folders and make sure that directories "Application Data" and "Local Settings" have their attribute "Index contents" unchecked, incl. all files and subfolders. This will prevent much possible future performance issues.

    2) Go to c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft and delete whole 'Search' directory (or just rename it/move it somewhere else).

    3) Log out, log in. Index will rebuild itself, it can take a while, depending on how much documents, music, etc. you have. So be patient with temporary increased harddisk activity. Normally it runs with low priority.

    On Vista/7 Search index is in \ProgramData\Microsoft, otherwise it is done the same way. Unfortunately I have no idea how to avoid actual corruption. XP seems more prone to it.

  5. STANLEY KIRK replied on January 29, 2013: » The solutions which community members offer are interesting and helpful. But with respect, members report different solutions being helpful to them and some community members report unintented consequences resulting from the implementation of their chosen solutions.

    Trying to find the correct solution to this annoying problem therefore becomes something of a lottery or a lucky dip.

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