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How to fix RunDLL32.exe errors?

The RunDLL32.exe is a system executable file which is necessary for supporting system functions like right from opening a documents or application to its utilization and of course its proper closure. In case this file gets out of shape or goes missing from the computer the user the user faces problems in form of error messages or application failure etc.

The user is trying to open a MSWord file which he has worked upto last night but he could not open the same as the file failed to laod every time he clicked on it for having no support from the system file RunDLL32.exe.

The client is using Gateway LX 6801-01 PC running with Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Whenever he make any attempt to install any game he faces host process RunDLL32.exe application error that leads to appcrash.

Whenever user tends to open My Pictures folder system shuts it down as the program is not supported with the corrupt RunDLL32.exe file which has been damaged by the Virus.

After installing Windows update on Windows 7 computer of Toshiba user is seeing high CPU usage error for all the applications running on the system which never happened before as the RunDLL32.exe file has undergone major damage during the Windows update installation which is getting revealed in this form.

The MacAfee Antivirus failed to conduct full system scanning for the Virus on Widows 8 computer of the user who was having hangs and low speed issue as the RunDLL32.exe file s not present in the PC to support the scan process.

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