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How to solve the www iobit com issues in a PC?

The www iobit com is a website which offer different kinds of utility softwares like registry cleaner and for which they don't charge anything on the first go but they infuse some malwares via those applications and take control on the system which cause various malfunctions to happen which can motivate the user to buy their annual service or other paid service available to repair PC issues.

The user having a HP computer with Dual Boot faces issues while running the Windows Defender so he decided to purchase a malware fighter for fighting Trojan which has caused many damage to his PC. After installation of the malware fighter from www iobit com the application did no good to the PC rather it blocked many applications and web pages.

The user saw that the searches which he is trying to conduct via any browser are getting redirected to different websites which has nothing of his interest. This proves that some other element is controlling the activity of the PC as the malware fighter IOBIT Malware fighter pro which got downloaded from www iobit com is a malware itself.

The user of Dell Inspiron failed to install updates for any type of browser like Mozilla and Chrome but the website www iobit com shows different types of update options for all kinds of browser which attracted the user and made him avail the same but that could actually do nothing regarding the existing problem but it transferred a bundle of Trojan in the system which made the PC go sluggish.

After facing file missing error in the ASUS laptop the user thought of running a registry clearing software which he got for free from www iobit com but after installing the same the PC errors got aggravated.

The solution to all such PC problem is just one which is amazing software which you need to obtain from the website and the name of the software is DLL Suite which works in all versions of Windows for settling the issues.