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How to fix and download acpi.sys for free

acpi.sys error is common in Windows XP, 7 or other version based systems which causes Windows BSOD, file corruption, virus attack, application installation failure and high CPU usage problems within the system and can be fixed with DLL Suite.

While dealing with the acpi.sys error, the system user has to face several casualties with his or her system excluding any specific Operating System or configuration, regarding Windows BSOD, Startup Issue, ActionCenter.dll Windows Update Failure, Windows Installation Failure, System Crash, System High CPU Usage, perfmon.exe Application Update Failure which can lead to ultimate collapse of the system if not taken seriously and it is quite remarkable that the fault code appears against different application are able to build different types of criticalities for the users. Most of the users are unaware about the vulnerable situations created by this acpi.sys corrupt file and strive to get remedy when face this one.

The very first and most common issue regarding this error is the Windows BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death. The users get random BSOD while startup, shutdown, application running, program installation and while other activities. The BSOD issue appears pertaining to acpi.sys blue screen xp or acpi sys blue screen Windows 7 or any other higher versions of the windows. The error message states, "SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED." This Blue Screen Of Death can occur more critical issues within the system if it is not taken seriously.

High CPU Usage is another big issue which hampers the system function as well as system legibility. In this case, the system gets hanged randomly and shows some acpi sys high cpu errors with slow memory or running maximum memory. While trying to turn off the application or shutdown the system at that moment, an error message appears on the screen saying, "acpi.sys is open or in use by another application."

Along with the applications or programs, some games like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Wrath Of WarCraft and some others also get affected with this problem. While trying to play this game on Windows 10 based computer, an error message states, "DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE."

Some users also try to install Windows XP on their computer and when they run the installation process, an error appears on the monitor stating, "acpi.sys error installing Windows xp." This error causes the installation fail and the system gets crashed after sometime.

The acpi.sys virus is another problematic issue where the system security chain gets broken by the errors and it gets infected with viruses. This virus attack may cause ultimate system collapse. While trying to get rid of the issue, the system returns some error messages instructing to get the acpi.sys latency on the system.


Though this error is quite annoying and creates some big issues in the computer, still, the users do not need to worry about the above said problems as there is some easy solution for these issues by the VSKSoft. This company is the most trustworthy and considered to the best recovery tool producer among the market. Holding a great reputation all over the field, they produce high quality effective tools and serve the customers with dignity and devotion. The DLL Suite is the best toll to fix and remove all the problems regarding this acpi.sys 蓝屏 error. People can trust them blindly and use the product for the complete protection of their system.