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How to fix and download apphelp.dll for free

Issues concerning "apphelp.dll (apphelp dll) was not found mmc.exe", the file is either not designed or is possibly corrupt can trigger different forms of errors on a Microsoft PC loaded with Windows XP , Windows 7 and errors relating to xtrap, so to eliminate them all simply invest in DLL Suite.

Initial Discussion: The file-apphelp dll is primarily looked upon as a software component for Application Compatibility Client Library and has been developed by Microsoft. The importance of a similar version of a DLL file is estimated from the fact that it contains code, resources and data in an encapsulated form, ensuring data hiding, and is required by most programs and web browser extensions. Even the slightest modification to the dossier might trigger apphelp.dll Windows XP related faults.

Applications Failing to Launch: If, in case, you happen to be an ill-fated user having to deal with issues relating to "apphelp.dll is either not designed" or "apphelp dll was not found", you might find that most of the applications simply fail to launch in the expected way. In all such cases, a pop-up gets highlighted stating-"Unable to locate the component" and this remains visible in the title bar. Along with a similar type of fault, an error message remains highlighted stating as: "The application could not launch as the required file could not be found and reinstalling might help in fixing the issue".

Explorer Simply Keeps Crashing: Because of issues relating to "apphelp.dll was not found mmc.exe", it might so happen that Windows Explorer simply keeps appmgmts.dll crashing almost on a frequent basis. The point of real worry remains in the fact that such an issue occurs almost with any particular file and remains triggered every single time a user necessarily right-clicks on the file.

The exception code and offset, which get displayed on the screen of the monitor, because of such a type of fault remains highlighted by the alphanumerical values as: 0xc00000fd d3d9 d3d11 and 0x0000000000002ead respectively. As a system user, you need to find out ways so as to be able to address this particular type of apphelp.dll error as otherwise; you might find it a lot difficult to work on your machine.

Error Code 0x88985003: At most times than not; you might have to deal with the error code: 0x88985003 and this happens while updating a graphics program-Paint.Net. Some of the other graphic programs which get severely affected because of an identical type of fault include; Artweaver and PSPx2. For all valid reasons, many individuals believe that such an issue is specific to apphelp.dll error Windows 7.

Right Clicking on a Drive Causes an Error: Because of a typical form of fault relating to "apphelp.dll is possibly corrupt", it might be the case that you shall simply not be able to right-click on any of the system drives including "C:\" and "D:\" with the help of the Windows Explorer. According to a gamut of users, such a type of fault might trigger possibly because of "apphelp.dll not found" issues and fail to get eliminated even after performing spyware scans and application deletion.

Office 2013 (University Version) Keep Crashing: Issues relating to apphelp.dll Microsoft can cause a scenario wherein Microsoft Office 2013 keeps crashing almost on an inadvertent basis and this primarily happens while attempting to export a particular document as PDF.

Solution: The ideal way of eliminating all the issues, as elaborated above, including; all those concerning apphelp dll xtrap is to consider investing in DLL Suite. You shall be able to benefit from the same by loading a website such as: VSKsoft on the tab of your browser.