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I kept experiencing issues relating to ataport.sys DPC latency along with driver specific errors triggering BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and application crashes on a system loaded with Windows 7 highlighting an error code as: 0x8e, which often gets caused owing to the effect of the virus, and it was later I realized that the right way to fix such issues is to invest in DLL Suite.

Recently; I had to deal with a typical form of fault relating to ataport.sys BSOD and this indeed restricted my overall browsing experience till an appreciable extent. The occurrence of such an identical form of fault indeed worried me till a fair degree as because I was not able to run my machine only in the normal mode. Further; I remained a lot restricted, as far as, my ability of being able to turn on the Microsoft Security Essentials remained in sheer focus. The fault code, which simply kept troubling me till a fair degree, remained represented by the value as: "STOP: 0X0000008E (0XC000005, 0X85F9EA65) and the issue was specific to address 85F9EA65 base at 85f9aooo". I would prefer to make it clear that initially I thought that the issue was specific to ataport.sys Windows 7 BSOD virus causes.

The series of issues simply refused to get sxstrace.exe problem fixed as I had to deal with an equally annoying type of issue relating to ataport.sys DPC latency errors and missing api-ms-win-core-com-l1-1-0.dll. My PC (Gateway DX4820, Intel G43 Express chipset) simply kept freezing up and shutting down almost on an unavoidable basis and this was what severely impacted my overall system operation. Occasionally; I had to deal with frequent DPC latency spikes as well. I was simply not able to put to rest all similar forms of issues relating to ataport.sys DPC even after disabling all my USB ports. After a short interval, I noticed that the high spikes kept reappearing almost on an occasional basis.

One of my friends, who happen to be an avid system user, recently complained regarding having to deal with issues relating to ataport sys Blue Screen Windows 7. According to him, he had to deal with the Blue Screen related issue simply after signing-in into the computer. The Locale ID relating to the fault, which troubled my friend, got represented as: 1033 and he was completely unaware at the thought as to what could be the ideal way of being able to implement the apt ataport.sys Windows 7 BSOD fix methodology.

In a common type of fault, which affected the system operation of both me and my friend, we noticed that our system highlighted a black screen with a cursor positioned on the same. We hardly found it difficult to understand that the issue was related to faulty ataport.sys driver issues and the load process demanded a period of no less than 3-5 minutes. We found that it is only in the Safe Mode that our systems were able to work properly. An ataport.sys 0x8e fault code at _setup.dll kept highlighting on the screen of our system as well.

Dealing with issues specific to ataport.sys Windows 7 Crash indeed became a lot difficult for both of us as system interrupts, causing high CPU usage kept adversely impacting our system browsing experience. Both of us discussed between ourselves as to whether such an issue was related to ataport.sys virus specific causes or not.


We consider ourselves to be a lot lucky that we came to know about a tool such as DLL Suite, which helped us to fix all the issues as discussed above.