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What is the best tool for c cleaning?

Many of you must be aware of the prevalent practice of c cleaning without knowing its implications on a PC. Apparently it seems that this process provides benefits to the PC by resolving slow speed problem, registry issues, errors and so on but nobody finds the harmful consequences it leads on the hard disc and the system files which gets revealed in form of program malfunctioning.

An user has reported to the Lenovo Service station that his Lenovo PC is not producing any sound after he performed c cleaning on it. The procedure has either deleted or damaged the system file which is responsible for system output.

After carrying out the c cleaning on his Windows XP Home Edition computer from BENQ the user is facing the problem of PC hangs right at the start up point which is very annoying.

After performing c cleaning on Sony Vaio laptop the user could not see any positive change in the system rather loading time has become even longer especially for MS Office 2010 documents.

Internet Explorer crashes whenever any type of videos is attempted to view or downlaod on Windows Vista computer of an user and this problem has began after he has performed c cleaning.

The Avast Antivirus has stopped working after performing registry cleaning with the help of CCleaner software which has deleted many important system files. On the same ground many other games and programs has quit functioning.

The best solutions which can be provided to solve these types of errors is DLL Suite from which does its job in few seconds and the PC gets completely rejuvenated leaving behind all sorts of issues. This tool not only fixes the errors caused by c cleaning but it also does a complete registry management along with optimizing the PC like never before.