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What is the best alternative for cc cleaner?

The ccc cleaner is a tool which is utilized by PC users for the purpose of removing PC junks and to maintain the registry database. This tool is understood to be a problem solver by many but many users report that this tool utilization has lead to many kinds of damages.

A user having Windows 7 computer was getting troubled with some malware issue which was not getting fixed with the ccleaner as it could only detect 25% of the threat. The Microsoft security essential depicted in the scan report that the level of threat is much more intense but failed to remove them. So the user could not get rid of the screen freeze and slow running of PC.

The user having Windows 10 computer is not being sure of using cc cleaner for clearing his system and he got some negative feedback about the tool from his friend circle who faced problem of application failure caused by file deletion after running this application on their PC.

After installation of the Windows 10 on his Compaq laptop user is continuously getting errors regarding file corrupt in the Windows registry. He ran cc cleaner but that could not solve the problem.

Post utilizing cc cleaner a client is not being able to perform any type of download on his Dell Inspiron laptop which runs with Windows 8 as the cc cleaner has resulted in deletion of some files which are necessary to carry out download.

Windows 8 computer of an client which has SP3 installed in it cannot support AGV Antivirus to run as some file damage has been caused by utilizing cc cleaner in the PC.

To avoid the above mentioned problem one should opt for a better solution for resolving PC problem by optimizing it and to make registry compact without hampering condition of the file. The better solution is none other than DLL Suite which is very easy to use yet effective.