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Which is the best PC error cleaner?

No user would love to have a PC which runs with error so necessity and importance of error cleaner software can never be ignored. It is crucial to identify the right kind of tool which matches your need and does the job in best possible manner without consuming much time.

When user was getting speed and application error problem owing to damage in the registry database he downloaded SpeedZooka as error cleaner software but the problems remained as it was before running the tool. Rather some new problems got introduced in the system after this tool utilization which is now showing high CPU usage for all applications.

The user does not have the PLASRV in the Windows registry database of his Windows 7 Toshiba PC but still he is getting error message that the PLASRV is found to be corrupt whenever he tried to play any type of online game like Candy Crush saga or angry birds etc. The free error cleaner application program could not successfully fix the issue.

The Sony vaio laptop of the user is constantly getting BSOD with error code Error: 0x000000F4 after he has started using Auslogics Boostspeed application on his PC. The error cleaner software derived for free from one internet site has aggravated the problem all the more.

After running cache Cleaner which is a free error cleaner tool downloaded from the internet many add ins embedded in Internet Explorer 9 have become non functional.

After using a free error cleaner program the client is facing C++ errors at every 3 to 5 minutes interval while he works on his Windows 7 computer from Dell. The scan report revealed presence of no malware in the system.

DLL Suite from is the best error cleaner tool for all versions of Windows PC as it fixes all types of PC problems like d3d11.dll missing error instantly with very easy steps.