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Why you should avoid using free optimizer for your PC?

Sometimes the slow speed of a computer becomes a real concern for the owner of the PC when his simplest of the job gets delayed due to slow running PC. He gets discouraged to work on it as neither the session for work or amusement gets facilitated due to the dropped pace. This type of problem can get fixed if some effective optimizer and users often download free optimizer for their PC which causes multifold harm in the system.

After using a free optimizer on his laptop the user is constantly facing appcrash for various applications as the optimizer has caused many type of damage in the system files which are now not in a position to bolster any application for functioning. So app crash is inevitable.

While playing car racing game the user got pissed off with the bad speed of the system and downloaded the free optimizer from some anonymous website but this could give a temporary fix to the problem as after 2 days the speed became even worse.

The user is failing to remove Internet Optimizer from Remove Program segment of the Windows 7 PC after the client has utilized the free optimizer tool on his system as previously he has never faced such problem.

After running free optimizer software on his Windows XP Pro computer the user is constantly getting screen freeze problems.

After using the free optimizer application program downloaded via Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 8.1 computer the user is witnessing system hangs, screen freeze and Blue screen issues in the PC which should never happen after using an optimizer.

DLL Suite is the best PC optimizer tool which clears all junk from the hard disc and memory making the speed increase and also removes catches and cookies which makes the browsing speed to be faster.