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How to improve memory virtual for a PC

Sometimes the computers starts malfunctioning on the ground of the low virtual memory issue which causes system hangs, slow running PC and program failure etc. The initiatives must be taken in order to improve memory virtual otherwise the problems will keep bugging like this.

Windows XP user complaint that her computer shows low virtual memory issue and this causes delay in the startup process, loading time for applications stored in the PC have become way high than normal, web pages load very slow.

On performing Windows 7 on his 64 Bit computer from Dell the user is noticing that the pace of the system has gone down and the applications like YouTube, games etc can be only run in XpMode. In normal mode they don't run at all unless something is done to improve memory virtual.

The space increase via Task manager is not being possible in a client's computer along with this; he is not being able to restore the system from hibernation mode. This can be fixed if some mode gets adopted for improve memory virtual.

Despite having 8 GB free space on the RAM the user of Aspire M computer which runs with Windows 8.1 it shows low virtual memory and also leads to failure installation process for Yahoo Messenger.

After upgrading the Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro on his Compaq Desktop the user is not being successful in downloading movies from BitTorrent or any games from any site. This calls for some way-out in order to improve memory virtual.

After turning on the HCL computer the user faces that the memory could not be read with error code 0x00402c60 and Referenced Memory at 0x00650044 which is a clear indication of low virtual memory. Some step must be taken so that something can be done to improve memory virtual.

For a smart solution to the given problems one can downlaod DLL Suite and run the same in order to improve memory virtual in any Windows PC.