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How to fix and download kernel32.dll for free

kernel32.dll error is a common error in all sort of 32bit and 64bit based system pertaining to Windows Vista or XP or any other versions of windows, which basically causes api hook and function list error, pdb file opening error and many others along with error message which instructs to download kernel32.dll 下載 or kernel32.dll 下载 or kernel32.dll 位置 and all these can be solved with DLL Suite.

While dealing with the kernel32.dll error, the users have to stay concern as it can cause some majors casualties like Procedure Entry Point Failure, Windows BSOD, Gaming Errors, ntoskrnl.exe Application Crash, System Startup and Shutdown Errors and many more, pertaining to kernel32.dll vista or kernel32.dll xp sp3 or even any other versions of the windows. The issues which appear due to this error are quite problematic and can harm the system badly. This file causes the problems without even determining the system configuration, Operating system and versions.

One of the most common and important problems with this error file is that the computer gets a load of error due to the Procedure Entry Point Missing or not found and the system returns an error message stating, "The procedure entry point Decode Pointer could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll." The kernel32.dll api hook performs the same activity within the system while running the system updates or upgrade process.

This particular kernel32.dll x64 file causes some major problems like explorer.exe high cpu usage along with random kernelbase dll application crash. While trying to run or launch any application, an error message appears on the screen saying. "kernel32.dll api functions list has stopped working and needs to download kernel32.dll 下载." The Internet Explorer and the Windows Explorer face the same issue while trying to run any update or download process by the users.

Not only application, but games also get affected with this error file. The Far Cry is a common game which gets affected with this file and shows an error message stating, "kernel32.dll cannot find or open the pdb file."

Windows BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death is another most important and annoying issue which can make the users face severe problems. Along with the Blue Screen, an error message also appears on the screen and shows, "Nmapp.exe entry point not found" or "IRQL is not same or equal" or DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE."

The Internet Explorer and the Windows Explorer performs slow and abnormally due to this error "Explorer Has Caused an Error in Kernel32.dll 0xc0000005." The system wants to fix the errors using the device manager and it may not work properly. The computer may ask the users to download the kernel32.dll 位置 for further improvement.

Some users face problems while trying to install some programs like Office 365, DirectX or many others. An error message appears at the installation starting of installation process and states, "Procedure entry point SetWaitable TimerEx could not be located in the dynamic link library due to kernel32.dll 下載 problems."


The users do not need to worry about the above said problems as there is some easy solution for these issues by the VSKSoft. They have suggested the users with some basic steps which could help them to avoid further criticalities:

  • Use proper Antivirus and scan the system
  • Activate the Windows Defender and Firewall
  • Install DLL Suite for ultimate protection
  • Scan the files or documents before downloading

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