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What is the best memory virtual help method for PC?

Users may see many types of issues with subject to Virtual memory of a PC which becomes real trouble to get rid of with mere reboot or virus scan which are understood to be the weapons for fighting common PC errors. There comes the requirement for some really good memory virtual help software or tool which can end the issue by eliminating the virtual memory issues which will never come again to bother the user while they install some game or watch a movie on his PC.

After installing the FSX on my Studio XPS9100 which runs with Windows 7 Premium 64bit I am facing memory issues on my PC and due to this problem all the applications are seen to hang while running and load very slowly on clicking. This can get solved if some way is adopted to provide memory virtual help.

Whenever I open MS Word or MS Outlook then the system message prompts that the virtual memory of my PC is very low and unless I acquire memory virtual help from some authentic source this problem will persist.

I was using my Dell desktop with Windows 7 for last 4 years and never faced any BSOD issue but after installing Windows 8.1 BSOD with subject to MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and so I started looking for ways which can provide me memory virtual help.

Post installation of the Norton Antivirus whichever application I open I face low memory virtual issue for which I need to utilize some tool for memory virtual help. But being non technical I don't want any hi-end and complicated tool.

The best memory virtual help software available for resolving PC issues is none other than DLL Suite is just to download and run the same rest will be taken care by the tool itself.