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How to resolve ntoskrnl.exe errors?

The system file ntoskrnl.exe is a very crucial element for providing support to certain applications running on Windows PC. This file on getting damaged, misplaced or uninstalled can happen to be a reason for application errors in a PC. Hence this file must be repaired in case they face any type of problem. User complaints that he faces BSOD with subject to Driver_State_Failure whenever any application fails to run or load on his Asus laptop after he has upgraded the operating system from Windows XP to Windows 8. He rolled back to the previous version but the problem could not be solved as the ntoskrnl.exe is found to be damaged due to the system change.

The Windows XP Home Premium PC of an user fails to boot as the ntoskrnl.exe file is missing from the system which became evident from the error message which came right at the beginning.

The laptop from Alienware causes Blue screen problem with subject line to be DRIVER_POWERSTATE_FAILURE as the ntoskrnl.exe file has faced certain damage during the installation of the printer.

When an user of Compaq laptop tries to shut down his PC it goes into sleep mode for about 30 seconds and thereafter if attempt is made again then the sleep mode resumes and gets shutdown after 10 minutes. System instructs to install the file ntoskrnl.exe which has gone missing.

The user of a Dell computer witnesses Blue screen problem whenever he tries to play any online game in full screen mode. This happens due to the harmed condition of the ntoskrnl.exe file which must be fixed.

The DLL Suite program from is a file repair tool which can fix all types of PC problems with very simple steps. This application resolves all kinds of errors, slow functioning problem of a PC, hangs, BSOD etc in seconds.