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Why it is bad to use free repair tool in your PC?

When you browse the internet you will find many types of free file repair tools available online. It is important to have some idea about them before you try and avail those for solving your PC problems. First of all think why will an individual or any organization bother to repair your PC problem without charging you for the same? What is their interest for providing you with repair free program? After you read the following cases you will get a fair idea on this subject.

When user failed to open any document under Office 365 module he downloaded a tool from a website which ensured repair free for the PC problems. But after utilizing this tool the problem got a temporary fix but a new series of issues like slow system speed, hangs, high CPU usage started to happen in the PC as an evil effect of the free tool. After having Virus problem on HP laptop run by Windows 7 user obtained an Antivirus as a repair free tool for the web which neither fixed the errors caused by Virus nor the speed of the system could be restored.

Whenever user turns on the laptop of Acer run by Windows 8 the system gives error which states either start in normal mode or perform system repair. This problem has started to happened after running the repair free tool downloaded for net for the purpose of registry cleaning.

The data stored in the computer got stolen after the utilization of repair free application installed from a website which was a malware disguising as repair tool.

Outlook Express folders are not being visible by the user as he has done a malware scanning with a repair free software derived from the internet which has done no good to the PC rather has caused this mess.

Rather than depending on any free repair tool one should download DLL Suite to repair PC problems rather than worsening them.