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What is the best tool to restore a computer?

When I get troubled with my PC caused by system hangs or crash or BSOD then restoring them back to normal is not a very easy task. Right from the Operating system to all applications, drivers need to be reinstalled so that system gets ready for me to work upon. Sometimes, while working on my system it can go non functional with a completely non responsive screen which need to be restored. Then I leave aside all my work and look for some way which can help me to restore my computer.

I have an ASUS laptop which runs with Windows 8 and when I upgraded the same with Windows service pack 1 the problem started to occur when My PC used to hang and unless I used Windows Task manager this could not be sorted. I need some tool to restore my computer.

I got a virus detected on my Windows 7 PC which locks up my Operating system most of the time and so I have to look for ways to restore my computer.

I am trying hard to restore my computer to its factory setting without using the disc for starting up everything afresh by cleaning up the entire system.

I upgraded my Acer aspire 7110 laptop from Windows XP Home version to Windows 7 Ultimate but as I am not comfortable working on it I want to restore my computer back to the older version.

After I have used free software to restore my computer I am getting bad image issue whenever I work on it.

The issues related to restore my computer got instantly solved once I ran the software DLL Suite from the house of This solved all the existing issues of my PC and gave me a fast running PC which does not produce any error.