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How can I solve slow downloads problem of my PC?

The craze for movie, music and games download on PCs, laptops, tablets are on rise every day. The usage of internet is also going increasingly high. It can be from traditional router to new generation dongle which are prevalent everywhere. In case the user faces any type of problem while performing any type of downlaod then the first thing which is blamed is the bandwidth of the internet service in use.

The user failed to download a recovery image for his computer which he wished to upload in his Facebook picture album but after facing slow downloads issue due to the availability of the cookies, catches etc which were not cleared the download speed is not going above 50 kb/s.

Toshiba satellite running with Windows 8.1 shows horrible performance while user opens Internet Explorer for the purpose downloading any video from sites like YouTube as the slow downloads seems to be very annoying.

The slow downloads problem created a lot of disgust in the mind of the user when he tried to download some movie from uTorrent as his PC is taking huge time to finish the process whereas his friend got the job done in much less time.

After the installation of the Oracle Virtual Box the Windows 8 Pro user is facing slow downloads issue whenever he tries to download some game from or etc.

The movie download Zune Marketplace was so slow that the Lenovo user just gave up the process and started looking for solution to the slow downloads problem.

The Acer Aspire g7200 Vista Home Premium SP2 PC is having very slow downloads issue as all the files take very long time to get downloaded in the system which is very irritating.

To fix this slow downloads issue the DLL Suite from can be utilized which is the best tool for this problem.