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How to remove sound.dll errors?

There are some files which are responsible for generating the audio output for the applications running in the PC. The games, music files, videos can produce sound with the help of these files. The system file sound.dll is one of them. When this file is found to be damaged or missing from the system the sound will either not be generated from any of the application or it will malfunction.

When The Windows 7 user starts up her PC she gets an error message that sound.dll is damaged which took place during the installation of Windows 7. No sound will be produced in the PC unless the file is repaired back in shape.

User may face issues when he tries to open online games as the files run with no sound output due to the non availability of the sound.dll file which got eliminated by a Trojan which captured the system for the purpose of Data theft for abuse.

The game Grand Theft Auto IV suddenly stops producing sound though started normally as the file sound.dll suddenly crashed as it was in damaged condition.

Post installation of the Windows Service Pack 2 on SONY Vaio VGN-E70B the user is not being able to watch movies on his PC as the sound.dll has gone uninstalled during the system change.

YouTube runs without producing any audio output as the sound.dll file is either not designed in the correct manner or must be missing from the PC which needs to get reinstalled.

The Dell XPS 600 which has original NVIDIA MB and dual GeForce 6800 SLI graphics cards produces no sound after the up gradation of the Operating system from Win XP x32 to Win 7 x64 as it has deleted the sound.dll file from the PC.

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