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What is the best speed booster for PC?

The speed booster applications come into picture if the user is not happy with the current speed of his PC. The gaming applications, video files, office utility softwares, browsers seems to crawl which is not desirable.

The Surface Pro PC of the user connects to the Wifi but due to very slow speed the download happens at a very bad rate which needs to be resolved without delay so that things happen at normal course and some good PC speed booster can help them.

The login process for the Facebook is seen to be very slow and sometimes after inserting the login id and the password the session expires due to slow internet speed which results in failed login. The speed booster software can fix this issue in a proper manner.

Even after utilizing Uniblue Registry Booster 2010 on Windows 8 computer of HCL the speed of the system has not improved rather many application has stopped running as the registry booster has cause deletion of many important files which was a requirement for the programs to run. So the choice of the speed booster has to be done very carefully.

After the uninstallation of the Uniblue program the HCL laptop of the user is seen to be very slow running specially while downloads or any other web activity like online gaming, watching videos etc. Such situation can get controlled by some good speed booster tool.

The best speed booster tool is the DLL Suite software from which removes all the junk files from the system memory and increases the PC speed. It also clears the captured data in the browser, catches, cookies etc which helps in faster action of the internet functions like uploading, downloading, viewing videos. The application is very easy to run and functional for all versions of Windows.