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What is the best speed testing tool for PC?

Unless the PC speed is satisfactory the user would enjoy working on his PC specially while watching any movie or running some game on it. It is equally disturbing to find that none of the commands gets executed instantly for any application running on the PC as the speed of the PC is awfully bad. The speed testing software must be there to regulate the same.

A user who has a Dell Ultrabook Vostro 5460 run by Windows 8.1 fails to reconnect to the Wi-Fi as the slow speed of the system does not support the action so need arises for speed testing and something could be done for this.

After upgrading the operating system from the Windows XP to Windows 7 the process of file transfer has become very slow. The speed testing detected that it has gone down which indicates presence of junk in the system.

The speed of the Lenovo G710 notebook is so slow that after connecting the Samsung Galaxy Note III Smartphone to the PC it shows up very late and the transfer of music and pictures also happen very slow which calls for a speed testing.

Though the user signed up at 50 Mbps internet speed but when he uploads or downloads any file the speed is found to be slow as revealed by the free speed testing software.

The client is being able to view the video via YouTube after one minute after starting the file as the speed of the Windows 8 computer from ASUS is very slow. This problem needs to be checked with some good speed testing application.

DLL Suite software is an appropriate tool to deal with speed problem in any PC as it clears all kinds of junks helping an user to carry or both offline and online job smoothly.