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How to solve issues arising in www.computeractive.couk?

The computeractive.couk is an interactive question answers forum for the computer users which help them share knowledge related to computers and laptops of different models and operating systems. This forum provides manual and other troubleshooting measures for different types of PC for various kinds of problems.

The user was facing hang problem whenever she used to open more than 4 windows on her PC to work on. After reading that, this particular problem mostly happen due to presence of system junk she started to delete different applications and files from the memory to release some free space. This method was posted as a solution in computeractive.couk by some member. But this method being not so reliable caused deletion of many files.

On facing BSOD while playing a movie on Toshiba satellite laptop the user thought of trying some method which is given in the computeractive.couk forum but failed to derive any satisfactory answer to the problem. The endeavor made lead to waste of time and energy as the process detailed there was quite lengthy and complicated.

The internet sites are opening on the PC of an user which has Windows 8 as operating system but whenever he is attempting to login he is getting disappointed with an error message Access denied. The user posted his question in computeractive.couk but none of the answers could satisfy him with some concrete solution. All are kind of trial and error, just trying your luck.

The user was not being able to attach any file to the Outlook mails while sending any email and tried to download a free file to fix the issue as given in computeractive.couk. This not only aggravated the problem by not allowing him to send any email even without any attachments but it called for slow speed issue in the PC which has not even crossed its warranty period.

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