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How to solve issues?

The is a website of an organization which deals with different types of PC optimizers, repair tools, malware protection software etc. Often it is seen that people buy such software online from this site with a hope that their PC problems will get sorted.

The user was facing slow running PC issue so she wanted some PC optimizing software and after seeing an ad popup from the which motivated her to install the free PC optimizer which functions for a limited period of time with all its feature but becomes payable after a stipulated period of time. This application infused many bad programs in the system which ruined the speed of the PC.

The user was having slow login problem for all the emails and social networking sites for having lot of cookies existing in the cache which never got cleared. The user purchased a safe data deletion tool from but it neither deleted the cookies efficiently nor could solve the login issue.

The Microsoft Security Essentials detected few threats in the client's PC which it failed to delete. The user downloaded an anti malware software for clearing the viruses from but the application not only failed to remove the malwares but it turned out to be a Trojan itself which increased the level of risk to a great extent.

After losing some user files like PowerPoint presentations, excel sheets and MS word documents the user wished to use some data recovery software. He obtained from but it not only disappointed him for being unsuccessful in recovering the files but it also slowed down the PC.

The issues can get sorted with few easy steps if DLL Suite software application is used. This tool is extremely helpful for removing PC problems yet easy to use.